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Come experience what is reputed to be the best Homestay in the Himalayas! The warmth of our outstanding hospitality and personalised, attentive service will bring you back many-a-time, with friends and family!

Himalaica is the vacation home of Shalini and Uttam Dave, created with painstaking care over the past eighteen years. That it is a labour of love is evident in the architecture, the interiors and the gardens. Built mostly by local craftsmen, the property achieves a unique character that seamlessly meshes a traditional country style with modern comfort – drawing its inspiration from the past, living in the present, and looking into the future.

Unlike most vacation homes in the hill stations of India that remain boarded up, to be aired from time to time, Himalaica is a functioning home, with full-time staff, pets and a benchmark that says you will get freshly-brewed coffee anytime you walk in!

Shalini spends much time and effort in maintaining the home in pristine condition, stocked with all the goodies one cares for on a vacation, while Uttam is passionate about the garden – continually working at it and introducing new species from his travels around the world, making it one of the best and most coveted gardens in the region. Uttam is reputed to have a serious penchant for continuing to develop the property, while Shalini is passionate about the garden – so there is always something new to admire!

Himalaica was created as a place to be, to pause and to reflect, to meditate, to remember and to forget, and to bring back the balance in our lives that is all too lost. It is often described as a place with soul, and with a spiritual, meditative quality – we believe this quality comes from the ancient temple that exists under a large oak tree on the premises, dedicated to the Earth God.

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