Himalaica – Your Second Abode

Nested in the greenery of the Kumaon Mountains is the incredibly majestic cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Dave. It is named Himalaica. During my stay in the cottage, well it is one of the exquisite of the cottages in the Kumaon region is all I can say undoubtedly, I have endured supreme luxury and peace of mind and soul. What is important is what impression Himalaica will give you in your first visit. To me it is nothing more than a mini castle of a Kumaon prince who wants to escape the royalties of the kingdom and wants to enjoy the luxury somewhere in the lap of the mountains. Right from the entrance gate to the interior decorations, the showpiece arrangements in the room, wood and glass based architectural design of the guest lobby and just everything, my impression was thoroughly justified. The arched pathway from the main gate to the so said ‘mini castle’ is decorated with various flowers where you will find various species of birds chirping. The chirp-chirps and the colour bloom of the flowers is a delight to the eyes and ears. It gives you the feeling of bliss and once you step inside the cottage it’s the bliss for eternity.

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For the bookworms like me who wants to idle away the time, feel lucky, Himalaica has a dedicated library for you. The collection and the way the reading room is decorated with a fireplace at one side, at least gave me ample reasons to spend time mostly in the reading room. The books are of various genres from trekking expedition stories to hunting in the jungles of the Kumaon, the collection is worth exploring. For movie buffs, there are a large set of movie DVDs which you can enjoy in the theatre room and BOSE Music System will surely make your stay more thrilling and fun. For the people with a different mindset, either you can sleep all day long in the cosy and comfy beds or just take a hike along the mountain roads where you’ll come across villages and can also enjoy bird watching.

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I would recommend that the best time to visit is in November and December when you can enjoy the sudden nip in the temperatures. This time period is perfect to enjoy the chill on a midway scale between too harsh or too mild. Even if the weather turns bad you don’t need to worry. Grab a book, a drink and sit by the fireplace. Time spent worth cherishing for. As in my case I was locked inside by the heavy downpours and trust me, I was not at all bored. The books, the TV and the

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three dogs ( Raja, Lama and Cyber) made my stay amazing, plus the hospitality of Basant ji and Madhavi ji. They took care of me throughout my stay and left me no option to raise an eye. If you have a hobby or a passion for something, then Himalaica is a perfect place for you, it worked out well for me. Had I not stayed there for a short stint, I could have relaxed a lot enjoying the list of my hobbies. There is scope for you to do that. For photographing the region, there is no better place to stay than Himalaica. Even in the cottage perimeter you can roam around with you camera snapping the serenity of the mountains.

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One point to be specially considered worth describing is the lamps and lights of Himalaica. In every room you go there is something special about the lights. From the kitchen, bedroom, dining space or the guest lobby, lamp collection will surely astound you. Lights do tell the story in a very different way. People don’t generally prefer rooms where in-spite of good decorations and stuff, illuminations doesn’t fit well. Here that is the thing which you are bound to notice. The various owl and Lord Ganesha showpieces are also there to blow away your mind. I was just wondering what the makers had in their mind while decorating the interiors of the cottage. Everything is so well perfectly fitted. There is nothing where you can express your grievance. I could not find any. But the thing is if someone becomes too much sceptical, then also there is problem for the visitor, being sceptical about Himalaica would not land him anywhere.

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This is the note for the people tired of their lives in the cacophony of the city and wants a desperate escape. Reach Himalaica is what I should recommend. A weekend stay in the cottage is bound to replenish your mind with lots of positive vibe and joy for life. Rejuvenate yourself with a minimum of 3-4 days stay and if stay is beyond that then there is complete possibility that you return back to work all boosted and charged up. Himalaica serves this great purpose for busy city people like me and others. After my affluent luxurious stay in Himalaica this is what I can say. Head on and relax your perplexed and troubled mind with some positivity and reap the benefits. Live well and stay healthy. After all “Health is Wealth”.

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